[mythtv-users] Auto shutdown of frontend

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Sat Jan 26 15:15:01 UTC 2008

John wrote:
> Craig Huff wrote:
>> On Jan 24, 2008 9:53 PM, Taco Mel <taco_mel at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>> I have two myth frontends and I would like to put in a
>>> cron job that shuts these down at 9:00 AM on Monday
>>> through Friday.  The idea being, both I and my wife
>>> will have left for work, and I don't want the machines
>>> on all day with nobody watching them.  Scheduling such
>>> a cron job would be easy.
>> And your reason for not using Mythwelcome/Mythshutdown is...?
>> Note that you don't have to run Mythwelcome all the time, either.  You
>> only need to use it to set up / update the Mythshutdown settings.  It
>> will shutdown automatically even if Mythwelcome isn't running.  I
>> know.  I forgot.  Once. ;-)
>> Craig.
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>  I am in the same boat, I have my backend setup to auto power down and 
> wake to record, but my kids turn on the (seperate) frontend, then turn 
> off the TV and go to school. :-(.  As the frontend is up and running all 
> day means that the backend still has a client and doesnt turn off.

You need to run mythwelcome on the frontends and turn the 'Shutdown with
Master Backend' option on (Press 'I' on the MythWelcome' screen). Now
when the BE is idle it will first tell the FEs to shutdown before
shutting itself down. You will also have to educate your users to exit
out of the frontend when they are not using it back to the mythwelcome
screen otherwise the BE will never become idle.

> I thought mythshutdown and mythwelcome were aimed at backend machines, 
> not front-ends ?

They were originally wrote for combined FE/BE machines but you can also
use them on FE only machines.
> Is there an equivelent of mythshutdown for a frontend only box ? Or am I 
> misisng the point and mythshutdown works on frontends anyway :-)
> john

Paul H.

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