[mythtv-users] directv.pl with D12-100 - has anyone had any success with this?

dexter sl dexterslmul at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 25 22:21:33 UTC 2008

I have 2 D12-100 directv boxes newly installed.  I am getting a retry errors whenever I try to send commands to each box.  I ran the following commands below with the verbose option as root and saw that the command was trying to send codes to the box unsuccessfully:

/usr/local/bin/directv.pl 244
/usr/local/bin/directv.pl box_type D11 244
/usr/local/bin/directv.pl port /dev/ttyS0 box_type D11 244

I followed the Directv Wiki for this and specified D11 since the wiki said the D12 would accept the same codes as the D11.  However I am assume things may be different for my boxes since the wiki mentioned D12 and D12-300, but does not mention D12-100.
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> Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2008 08:13:22 -0500
> Subject: [mythtv-users] directv.pl with D12-100 - has anyone had any success with this?
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