[mythtv-users] wierd recording bug: GBH risk

Alastair Kerr alastair.kerr at ed.ac.uk
Fri Jan 25 10:06:35 UTC 2008

Greg Mitchell wrote:
> Alastair Kerr wrote:
>> I have a program series scheduled to record for my wife: figure  
>> skating. The program claims to be recording but it does not appear in  
>> the recorded programs in media library.  Under previously recorded  
> Is there a file on the hard drive to correspond with the time this 
> should have recorded?  It's possible you just have it recording to a 
> different recording group, and so you can't see it without changing to 
> that recording group.
Marrage saved I think... I did not realise that  the default  did not 
show these! Yes this is the problem, I had it under 'livetv' storage. (I 
have now found the menu button to change this) Or I would have if I have 
not deleted the shows showing red under the 'previously recorded' entry 
under manage schedules in a fit or stupidity.
Does anyone know what entries highlighted red with a 0 at the end mean 
in this menu?

- Al

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