[mythtv-users] MythTV as a Gift (Hardware Recommendations)

Michael Nguyen michaeln at twentyten.org
Fri Jan 25 08:10:01 UTC 2008

David Segall wrote:
> [snip]
>>  DVD Burner --> IDE DVD Burner (for the limitations of the Antec Fusion)
> Why can't you have two SATA hard disks and a SATA DVD burner in the 
> Antec Fusion case? Is it just because you don't want to use an IDE to 
> SATA power adapter?
I wish I saved the website, but I read online that you "couldn't" have a 
SATA DVD burner due to lack of SATA power cables, so yes it must be 
because I didn't want to do an adapter.

>> Actually, I do have one more question.  Silver or Black for the Antec 
>> Fusion 430?  I was going to go with Silver, but I was wondering if those 
>> who owned it had a different opinion.
> I can't help you decide but be aware that the display and the IR 
> receiver differ between the two cases. I only "know" this because of the 
> note on this page 
> <http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Volume_Knob_on_Antec_Fusion>.
I bought the stuff already so this information didn't get added into my 
consideration process.  I went with the silver, but I do thank you for 
this.  Actually, I want to thank everyone.  I hope it works out!

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