[mythtv-users] TV Out quality (S-Video) on Epia M1000

Michael J. Hammel mythtv at graphics-muse.com
Fri Jan 25 03:05:19 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-01-21 at 18:39 -0700, Michael J. Hammel wrote:
> It looks like unplugging the VGA before booting (leaving just the TV out
> connected) may be the fix to this problem.  I tried it tonight on a
> different TV and it worked great - no color distortion at all.
> Since the TV I tried previously is the family TV, I'll probably have to
> wait till this weekend to try it.  My gut feeling is unplugging the VGA
> is sufficient to fix it on that TV too.

I spoke too soon, it appears.  The family TV still produces the poor
color over S-Video even with the VGA disconnected.  So it looks like the
TV is the problem now.

I've got three S-Video inputs on this TV, and all three exhibit the same
problem.  There are no other electronic devices turned on by the TV.
The TV sits in the mantle space above a gas fireplace, though the
fireplace isn't turned on very often.  The TV has a good picture when
watching cable TV or a DVD connected via a composite cable.

I guess my options are:
1. Use a composite cable.  I haven't tried the composite output port of
the M10000 yet but I have no reason to think it won't work.
2. Use an S-Video to Component converter cable.
3. Use a VGA to Component converter cable.

Any thoughts on which of these is the better solution?  I know the VGA
output is fine, so #3 seems like a possibility but all the options I've
seen for this are pretty pricey.  If it makes any difference, I'm in the

Michael J. Hammel <mythtv at graphics-muse.com>

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