[mythtv-users] wierd recording bug: GBH risk

Alastair Kerr alastair.kerr at ed.ac.uk
Fri Jan 25 00:00:05 UTC 2008

I have a program series scheduled to record for my wife: figure  
skating. The program claims to be recording but it does not appear in  
the recorded programs in media library.  Under previously recorded  
programs in the 'manage schedule' it is  highlighted red with a 0 at  
the end. It states recording even after it is scheduled to finish.  
Other programs record ok after it (I only have 1 tuner). All my other  
schedules are working ok and there are no conflicts.

The recording schedule states that these shows are scheduled to  
record. When time comes the channel changes ok,  there appears to be  
disk activity and I cannot view livetv as normal as all tuners are busy.

There is 'live figure skating' on earlier the same day, same channel  
that records ok (with a similar or exact subtitle). When  I set up  
that schedule the later (non-live) one was not selected. I had to find  
it in the schedule, select record and change the scheduling options to  
record any instances of that show on that channel.

Any ideas what is going on? (apart from mythtv having good taste ;'> )  
It was hard enough to persuade my wife to use this system. Now her  
beloved skating has not recorded and I am not exactly popular. More  
skating is due in the next few days when I will be away - the final  
stuff which she will kill me if she misses.  Please  I heed help!

I am running the installed packages from  kubuntu feisty.


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