[mythtv-users] PVR 150 Remote Issues

Timothy O'Leary snowsubi at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 20:44:01 UTC 2008

Hello, This is my first post and I am a newbie. I love ubuntu so far  
and am so stoked to be done with Windows. Anyways, I installed ubuntu  
in hopes of adding Mythbuntu and creating a PVR and media center. My  
system is running great and I have Mythbuntu recording shows, playing  
back shows, watching live tv, listening to music, etc. Everything  
seems to be working fine except for the Hauppauge remote that came  
with my PVR 150. I have read up on this and have made sure that it is  
plugged in perfectly, i have installed the LIRC files and I think i  
have done everything, but certain buttons on the remote don't work and  
others do incorrect functions. The volume works fine, but the channel  
up and down does not, and instead jumps the live tv forward or back.  
The jump feature is nice, but i want my channel up and down to go up  
and down. Also, I want the buttons to work such TV, Music and DVD etc  
so that I can hit the button and go to that menu onscreen. I am  
learning ubuntu and liking having more control over my pc so bear with  
me. Thanks in advance for any recomendations and suggestions. 

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