[mythtv-users] The end of analog - Digital Converter Vaporware?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Jan 24 15:00:56 UTC 2008

On 01/24/2008 04:14 AM, Justin The Cynical wrote:
> Glenn Harris wrote:
>> You won't be able to output in HD using one of the 'freebee'
>> converters, but it should let you know if you can at least get a good
>> digital signal.
> Actually, I thought of this and was going to pass on trying to get one 
> myself, but then I realized that it doesn't matter.
> Typically, anyone who 'needs' one of these boxes doesn't have a 'HD 
> Ready' wide screen set anyway.  This is for those who have a 4:3 set and 
> will be left in the proverbial dark when the switch happens.
> Not that this is a Bad Thing(tm) in many cases.  After all, it is 
> nicknamed the idiot box...
> Just about any wide screen set available today has the ATSC tuners built 
> in, making these converter boxes irreverent.

Yeah.  And that's the reason I have a problem with the coupons.  I would
guess that a large proportion of the people getting them/who will get
them are doing so only because it's "free money" from the government
(especially if there is a company making a $40 box--then it's completely

> To bring this on topic for the list ;-), my Myth setup is full OTA 
> digital with no analog tuners (good thing too, the fan on the AverMedia 
> card is all gummed up and won't spin),

I'm guessing the Avermedia is an old (no-longer-necessary) analog card. 
Otherwise, you could probably replace the fan to get an extra HDTV tuner.

>  and I refuse to pay one single 
> penny to the local television mafia (AKA comcast) for their overpriced 
> so-called service that seems to creep up in price every other month.

Same here, but different mafia.


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