[mythtv-users] Auto repairing seektables

Ismo Tanskanen ismot at telemail.fi
Thu Jan 24 17:45:47 UTC 2008

On 01/23/2008 02:33 PM, Ismo Tanskanen wrote:
>  I see quite often seektable errors in recordings. About one of ten
>  recordings cannot be fast forvarded etc unless I run "mythcommflag
>  --rebuild --file xxx.mpg".
>  I'm thinking doing this automatically as cron job.

Better would be to fix the issue that's causing corruption. If it's not
a corrupt DB table, it's almost definitely an I/O wait issue. Is the
MySQL DB on a different filesystem (and, ideally, a different drive)
from your recordings drive? Is the root filesystem on a different

Note, also, that you may have much better luck with 0.21 when released.

>  Is there any disadvantages if I make a script what will:
>  - Drop mysql recorded-table
>  - Run mythcommflag --rebuild to all files

Note that you would have to run mythcommflag --rebuild --file (or using
another approach to specify one show) on each and every file. Using
--all with --rebuild is not supported.

>  Is recordedseek used for any other purposes? For example, will I loose
>  commflagging points or something?


>  Is it safe to drop this table and then
>  do rebuild?

Semi-safe, but a waste (especially in a cron job). If you have 300
shows and each takes 5 minutes to rebuild... Rebuilding a perfectly
good seektable doesn't help.

Also, you're much better /never/ dropping tables. If you need to clean
one out, use "TRUNCATE TABLE recordedseek;" to keep the structure,
indices, ... and just get rid of the data.

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Thanks for answering, Mike.

How should I diagnose table/disk I/O problems?

I run optimize_mythdb regularly and it shows no problems. I have one 
disk (ide 160gb) for system/mysql and another disk (sata 500gb) for 
recordings. gkrellm shows very low disk utilization for system disk. 
But, I have free unpartitioned space available on system disk. Should I 
create partition for mysql database? Could it help if it is in same disk 
as system?

I'm using svn 14912

- Kane

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