[mythtv-users] mythcommflag --rebuild and xvid avi's

Marc Sherman msherman at projectile.ca
Thu Jan 24 13:40:44 UTC 2008

James Hood wrote:
> I've written a userjob script to convert an mpeg2 recording file to a
> compressed xvid avi file and modify the myth database with the new filename,
> but I'm running into problems using mythcommflag to rebuild the seek table.
> mythcommflag (0.20.2 version) segfaults when I run it. I turned on the "-v
> all" option, and the output seems to indicate the file is recognized as
> mpeg4 and the seek table rebuild part completes before the segfault, but
> fastforward and rewind while watching the recording (via the "Watch
> Recordings" player) seems very broken, which leads me to suspect something
> didn't go right in the seek table rebuild. 

I've not seen the segfault problem, but I do see very bad results 
running mythcommflag on xvid AVI files; fast forward or rewind ends up 
with a partially painted frame for a few seconds, with parts of the 
frame retained from before the FF/RW, until it hits the next keyframe. 
Is that the same failure mode you're seeing?

I wonder if anyone can comment about this possibly having been fixed in 
trunk already? (I'm also using 0.20.2)

- Marc

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