[mythtv-users] Re-record something being shown in HD?

Taco Mel taco_mel at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 04:49:15 UTC 2008

I'm aware of how to schedule the recording once I know
that this is going on, but my question is more about
how to see that the HDTV recording is going to take
place in the first place.

I ended up writing a couple SQL queries for this.  For

	select	recordedprogram.title,
		channel.callsign, channel.name,
	from	recordedprogram, channel, program
	where	program.chanid = channel.chanid and
		program.programid = recordedprogram.programid and
		recordedprogram.hdtv = 0 and program.hdtv = 1 and
		program.starttime > now()
	group by program.programid
	order by program.starttime

and for commercials:

	select	recordedprogram.title,
		channelA.callsign, channelA.name, channelB.callsign,
	from	recordedprogram as recordedprogram, channel as
channelA, program as program, channel as channelB
	where	recordedprogram.chanid = channelA.chanid and
		program.programid = recordedprogram.programid and
		program.chanid = channelB.chanid and
		channelB.commfree != 0 and channelA.commfree = 0
	group by program.programid
	order by program.starttime

I ran these queries and found two episodes that I want
to re-record so I did these manually.  However I am
curious as to whether Myth can do this automatically.
Perhaps an option within the duplicate detection
algorithm that will not flag something as a duplicate
if the existing recording is not HDTV and the new
scheduled recording is?

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