[mythtv-users] The end of analog - Digital Converter Vaporware?

Greg Mischel Smith gregms at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 19:32:27 UTC 2008

As the statement says, the coupons will expire 90 days from the date they
are issues. Coupons are not being issued yet, I believe they are waiting
until more converter boxes are available. Nonetheless, they should be issued
sometime in February and converter boxes should be in stores shortly
thereafter. At least one of the companies is willing to take a hit and sell
the converter box for approximately $40 (so it won't cost consumers
anything). I'm sorry, but I cannot find the story off hand that talked about
it. I also think the company is banking on selling its higher end model
converter boxes which do not qualify for the $40 rebate. And again, their
$40 model does qualify.

I honestly do not think it will be a problem finding them in the stores, but
they just aren't there yet.

On Jan 23, 2008 1:07 PM, Peter A. Daly <petedaly at gmail.com> wrote:

> > requested.  The government set aside $1.5B (yeah, that's 3.75M coupons)
> > for the program, and $34M was gone in just 2 days.
> "IMPORTANT: Coupons will expire within 90 days of the date they are
> issued."
> Seeing how you can't buy any approved boxes today...could that be a
> bit of a problem?
> -Pete
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