[mythtv-users] The end of analog - Digital Converter Vaporware?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Jan 23 18:01:06 UTC 2008

John Drescher wrote:
>>> I thought this action was only for OTA signals and has no effect on
>>> cable providers.
>> 1.  You are technically correct
>> 2.  Rumor (and wild speculation!) has it cable companies may be
>> itching to drop their analog broadcasts shortly after....remains to be
>> seen.
> I kind of doubt that. The reason is that (at least Adelphia and now
> Comcast) they charge for analog and then an additional charge for
> digital. For me this is $55 / month for analog and I believe it is $20
> to $30 more to upgrade to digital. If they pushed everyone to digital
> they would have to lower these rates...

What planet are you living on?

My cable operator explained to me that I now have to pay the additional 
digital rate "because of the FCC ruling".

Pure hokum, but I'll bet it works. If it doesn't I'll bet they will try 
to actually get the FCC to try such a ruling.


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