[mythtv-users] MythTV as a Gift (Hardware Recommendations)

Brian Phillips brian.phillips at gmx.net
Wed Jan 23 14:41:35 UTC 2008

Bill Omer wrote:

> Actually, there is one more thing.  What about a hard drive to load
> the OS and run the database off of?  I would recommend not running
> the system and db off the same partition for storage.  

Why?  I am pretty new at this mythtv thing and my playback (livetv or
recordings) are sluggish when the db is being updated or queried
(mythfilldatabase, program guide, mythweb listings, etc).  I always thought
it was the processor bottleneck (p3 550).  

Could it be that my hard drive is the bottleneck?  Or are you recommending
separate partitions just to preserve data integrity (ease of backups,
rebuilds, etc) ?  

I have separate partitions for the db and storage directories as you
recommend, but they share a physical disk drive and I was wondering if I'd
get better performance splitting them across separate physical disks.


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