[mythtv-users] Niggles with multirec

Steve Daniels steve.p.daniels at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 22 23:44:03 UTC 2008

On 22/01/2008, David Raine <rainecc at gmail.com> wrote:
> Since the multirec update I've been seeing some changed behaviour.
> Some of it is confusing:
> Background: separate FE/BE, nova-t 500 card in backend. Nova set up to
> do 2 channels per card, so system shows 4 "tuners", identified as
> tuner 1 through 4.
> 1. All upcoming recordings are targetted on the same "tuner", except
> where that causes a hard conflict. So if recording two shows
> back-to-back on different multiplexes the first show is getting
> cut-off abruptly. I guess that the "record after" settings are not
> being honoured, presumably because the same "tuner" is being used. I'd
> rather that different tuners were used by default so that my
> record-before and record-after settings get used unless there is a
> /real/ hard conflict.
> 2. I've started LiveTV a few times and discovered that the channel
> select only shows channels on the current multiplex. I think that it's
> because it is actually going into "watch recording" because it is
> trying to use the same tuner as the recording that is going on. When
> that happens I see only channels available on the multiplex being
> recorded. Whatever is causing it - is confusing the whole family.

In Setup -> TV Settings -> General (At least on my machine)

Is an option called "Avoid Conflicts between live TV and scheduled
shows", select it.

That should make it use the tuner that hasn't got any recordings on
it, however as before, if both tuners have recordings in progress you
are going to be limited to whatever is on the same mux as what one of
them is recording.

FWIW, I also have "Allow live TV to move scheduled shows" selected as well.

Read the on screen help tip for each of these options.

> 3. The program guide and mythweb sometimes fails to mark a program to
> record. I think that there is some issue when a third program (in my
> case, as I have two physical tuners) is scheduled but there is a
> conflict (ie, all three are on different multiplexes). I save settings
> but the show just sits there as not recording. No error, nothing. In
> mythweb, it stays on the same display as if I'd not selected "record
> this showing" and clicked submit.

This sometimes happens to me but only when I've scheduled a recording
after it has already started in the epg.

> All that aside, I love the multirec idea - whoever thought that up is a genius!
> Regards
> David


Steve Daniels

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