[mythtv-users] Neoware Thin Clients

Mark A. Hoover mahoover at ispaceonline.org
Tue Jan 22 23:35:00 UTC 2008

> From: match at ece.utah.edu

>> Interesting....the clients should be on their way as I type this, so once
>> I can get setup to boot them, I guess we'll see what happens.
> Exactly which NeoWare clients do you have?

They're not here yet, but they were advertised as being CA2 units.  Given 
that Neoware seems to have been bought out by HP, it seems to be hard to 
find detailed information on the non-current units.

> My buddies and I have been playing with some NeoWare E100's, and I'm
> convinced they'd make a dandy SD frontend, except that they are VGA-out
> only, so if you want to drive a TV you need a VGA-to-whatever adapter,
> unless your TV has VGA-in and I'm not sure that there are good video

I've got a Westinghouse LVM-47w1 1080p monitor that I'm going to run these 
through on the VGA port, so I'm hoping that shouldn't be an issue.  From 
what I've seen in various postings, the Capio line is supposed to have the 
better video cards.

> We've had trouble getting them to recognize more than 512 MB of RAM, and
> part of that is shared with the video controller. You can select how much.

Yeah, I've heard they're limited on memory.  The box I'm using as a front 
end in the back room only has 512MB of memory, so I'm hoping this 
shouldn't be too much of an issue.

> I'm using one as a car computer (since these run on 12 volts) and as
> general-use Linux desktop boxes, just by adding some solid-state disk
> storage, and/or boot it from a thumb drive, and/or add a disk. It's also easy to
> get them to boot Linux diskless over your network.

Yeah, I'm planning to go diskless over the network.  This should give me a 
box with no moving parts. :)

> Our boxes have the PCI risers installed, so we can add one pci card. Usually
> we choose a USB 2.0 card with an internal port for another thumb drive. This
> seems to be the most useful configuration for us. We've also run video
> cards, SCSI controllers, IDE controllers, and ethernet cards from this single
> PCI slot. You could add a 4-port network card and turn it into a router if you
> wanted.

I was debating a firewire card, but I just want to see if they'll work 

> Not sure what else I can share with you...
> Marvin

No worries, it's all a waiting game now.......

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