[mythtv-users] scratchy audio

Michael R. Hines michael at hinespot.net
Tue Jan 22 22:39:32 UTC 2008


MythTV works great. (Thanks everyone!) It's an amazing program.

First of all, here's my setup: MythTV 0.20.2 + WinTV Tuner + Fedora 6

The *only* problem I'm having is that the audio is "scratchy". Its perfectly
in-sync, and navigation of live-TV and recorded programs all works perfectly.
Its just that the audio has this scratchy-ness/poppy-ness that comes through.

Some observations:

1. Sound is _normal_ w/ xawtv.
2. Scratchiness exists in the NuppelVideo file itself after recording,
    as can be verified by converting from ffmpeg to another format.
3. I tried varying the "recording profiles" options between both MP3 an
    Uncompressed, but there was no change.

Aside from that, everything works great.
Even all the plugins. Any ideas on this?

I'm an experienced Linux user & programmer, so don't hold back =)

Thank you!

Michael R. Hines
Live long and prosper...

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