[mythtv-users] Block size for ext3 partition

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Tue Jan 22 20:42:32 UTC 2008

On Jan 20, 2008, at 7:46 AM, Kevin Kuphal wrote:

> On Jan 20, 2008 8:06 AM, William Munson <w.munson at comcast.net> wrote:
> Phill Edwards wrote:
> > In order to make it easier to install CentOS I am going to  
> reformat my
> > JFS file system which stores my recordings to EXT3. It's a 320GB IDE
> > disk. The archives have lots of file system discussions but I can't
> > find anything which says what block size to format the EXT3  
> partition
> > with for storing large files like recordings. Can anybody advise?
> Just a note, I've been using JFS for a *long* time without issues.   
> Last I heard though XFS had issues when the drives got full and Myth  
> usually runs in a disk full scenario...

The only issue I had with full drives was fragmentation.  Setting  
allocsize=512m in the mount options fixed it.

There are known issues with XFS in kernels with 4K stacks. The problem  
crops up when you stack up too many filesystem layers, so it usually  
shows up in LVM+RAID+XFS setups.  In theory this is fixable, but I  
don't know if anyone's fixed it.

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