[mythtv-users] UK Freeview Mux A Jerky Playback Other Mux's Fine?

nospam312 nospam312 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 19:40:18 UTC 2008

> TIA:  It sounds like your problem is down to bad reception I'm afraid. The
> fact that Mux A has more stations also means that it's less resilient to bad
> reception (less room for error correction). Check your aerial. Look into
> signal strengths etc.

I have no problems on any other device and its a brand new aerial with
high quality cabling - I do not think its bad reception.

Oddly I have just noticed that if I hit pause and then play horizontal
text scrolling is back to really smooth and the general smoothness of
picture improves.  Now I have read about other people mentioning this
pause/play "solution" I just can't remember where and what the
solution/cause is :(

When I have time I am going to make a recording of a problem channel
and see if it plays okay outside MythTV - that will be a good test as
it should pin down the problem further.

Anyone else have any advice?


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