[mythtv-users] External firewire enclosure for DVD drive.

Richard Shaw hobbes1069 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 16:50:41 UTC 2008

I'm looking at the following enclosure and wanted to get everyone's option.


I'm connecting it to a Fedora 8 system (x86_64) and not a Mac but it
shouldn't matter, right?

The reason is so I don't have to open the lower cabinet doors on my
entertainment center to change out DVD's. I'm currently using a full tower
case since it's what I had available. I have two small children and the 2yo
especially likes to press buttons when I have the door open. With an
external enclosure I can put it up in the media cabinet out of their reach.

Are there any gotcha's I need to watch out for? The enclosure doesn't list a
max burning speed but I'm not planning on using the burner feature of the
drive anyway.

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