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Fri Jan 4 05:44:35 UTC 2008

the buffer in ThreadedFileWriter.  I went for a simple doubling
of the buffer, since I'm pretty unsure of all of the consequences
of this change.

After making this change, I see very few IOBOUND issues anymore,
so I'm happy with that.

Hopefully, this is all helpful to some other folks out there.


*) Another change I made while I was breaking my backend: I had
   gotten tired of seeing 70% of the entries in my log files be
   annoying mpeg2video warnings about corrupted frames.  Looking
   at my logs, I could have not consumed about 120MB of disk
   space if those were logged properly in the first place.  I
   decided that I didn't need them, so I modified the source for
   av_log_default_callback (in log.c in libavutil) to return if
   avc->item_name(ptr) was "mpeg2video".  If I run into problems
   later, I'll have to undo this, but for now, I'm happy knowing
   that I won't have to see those messages.

   I had looked at a way to plug this log action into the
   standard log system that libmythtv provides, but I couldn't
   see an efficient way of doing that given that libavutil is a C
   lib and the libmythtv stuff is C++.

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