[mythtv-users] Recorded TV playback 'texture' differs between programs and within programs

Ian Hodgson ian.hodgson.home at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 22 11:04:03 UTC 2008

    I have noticed some programs recoded on my Myth box exhibit a rather 
odd difference in picture 'texture' or quality; sometimes within the 
same program. For example, the studio part of Top Gear seems to have a 
lower frame rate and in generally more jerky than say the test track 
footage that is shown. The same 'issue' is apparent with recordings of 
EastEnders that my wife has made; it is awkward to describe the 
difference in 'texture' of the picture, but one seems to be of lower 
quality than the other.

   Given that it can occur within a program, it would seem to be related 
to the source material and the way that Myth records it rather than my 
Myth box in general. I guess I should confirm for completeness that the 
same programs watched live do not show any of this 'texture' issue.

   Any thoughts on the cause and ho it could be rectified??  TIA.

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