[mythtv-users] Multi-rec - thoughts about max no. of recordings

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On Jan 21, 2008 12:15 PM, Paul Mason <latepaul at gmail.com> wrote:

So, this weekend I rebuilt my Myth box with svn 15504 in order to get

It's all working very nicely but I was wondering about the setting of "max
no. of recordings" on the capture card. This is what turns a single real
tuner into a number of "virtual tuners" I guess. It defaults to 2. My system
has a single SATA2 disc (16Mb cache, 7200rpm IIRC) and my recordings
partition is using xfs. I've got a single Nova-T 500 i.e. 2 physical tuners.

So I've been thinking about whether I want to increase this value or not. 


Keep in mind also that simultaneous recordings from one card are only
available for channels that share a multiplex.  At least with my QAM
provided lineup from Comcast, this results in 3 or 4 sets of 2 channels.
Meaning for me, it would be pointless to increase beyond 2 because I simply
don't have more than 2 channels sharing a multiplex. 





I too have Comcast but my channels are all over and in multiple groups.

I have 9+ Digital Standard Def channels on one multiplex. My HD channels
thou are all over, one multiplex has 1 channel but I have some that have up
to 4.. only 2 share 2 channels that I would ever care about.

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