[mythtv-users] Storage space question

Enigma enigma at thedonnerparty.com
Mon Jan 21 21:57:14 UTC 2008

> Thanks for answers. As i said, I don't need space for recordings, only
> for media (pictures, avis, mp3:s etc). My recordings are on separate
> disk, and I don't care loosing them if disk crashes.
> As everybody says, there seems to be no other way than LVM or Raid.

I don't know exactly how much data you have, but MythVideo and MythMusic 
can both use multiple directories, similar to storage groups (although 
if you have more than 750 GB of mp3s you will never physically listen to 
them all before you are dead).   I can't see any reason why you can't 
just use your drives mounted as individual partitions.  If you lose a 
drive, you lose just the data on the drive.  If you have more than 750 
GB of video, just point MythVideo at all the directories that contain 
the video.
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