[mythtv-users] TV Out quality (S-Video) on Epia M1000

Michael J. Hammel mythtv at graphics-muse.com
Mon Jan 21 20:37:38 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-01-21 at 13:42 +0000, Stephen Dolan wrote:

> and have a read of this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S-Video#Connector

Hmmm.  That's interesting.  S-Video is different for NTSC and PAL.
Everyone who responded appeared to have no problems but also seemed to
be using PAL.  I'm using NTSC.  I wonder if my TV supports PAL?  I
assume that if I just enabled PAL in the BIOS the worst that could
happen is I'd get no picture on the TV, right?  Maybe the PAL signal is
better out of the M10000?

This line is also interesting:

> RF modulating to channel 3 or 4 leads to lots of interference from
other electronics

Makes me think that the color problem is due to electical interference,
which is something I've suspected but couldn't prove yet.

This wikipedia page makes me think I should just get a card with
component TV-out in order to get the best picture quality.  Bummer.  But
maybe that's what I get for trying to get a cheap (re: inexpensive)
board to do everything.  Of course, I built my myth box frontend to use
S-Video, not component, so I guess I'd have to change that too.   Geez,
this project may never end.  :-)
Michael J. Hammel <mythtv at graphics-muse.com>

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