[mythtv-users] Digital Audio and MythMusic...

Noah Markon nmarkon at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 19:31:51 UTC 2008


I've had some issues with my digital audio while listening to my music
collection, basically everything some out too fast, or it's pitch is
too high. I understand this is because it's coming out of my PC at
48Khz, while it should be at 44Khz, or maybe the other way around.
Anyway I had a rough time getting digital audio to work in the first
place, I ended up having to put /dev/adsp in as my Audio output
device, when i use ALSA:default I get no sound.
I'm using Ubuntu, 7.04 (I think) my sound card is a chaintech av-710.

The wiki is helpful, but seems to be for Fedora Core, and I'm not sure
how much applies to ubuntu. Anyway one got any suggestions?

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