[mythtv-users] Nuvexport: Frame too small! (65536<610560) Wrong format?

John Westlund john.westlund at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 18:04:40 UTC 2008

I'm trying to export some shows to XviD - things appear to be hanging so
I've been running the commands from the DEBUG output by hand. Near the end
of the videos I'm getting a message from Mencoder that says:
Frame too small! (65536<610560) Wrong format?

Afterwards Mencoder seems to try and finish up the file:
Flushing video frames.
Writing index...
Writing header...
ODML: vprp aspect is 16:9.
Setting audio delay to 0.024s.

Video stream: 1517.331 kbit/s  (189666 B/s)  size: 303940612 bytes
1602.501secs  96059 frames

Audio stream:  122.768 kbit/s  (15346 B/s)  size: 24599472 bytes  1602.984secs

Then both Mencoder and Mythtranscode just sit there doing nothing.
Mythtranscode waiting on a write (I assume from Mencoder) and Mencoder
waiting on a read (I assume from Mythtranscode).

Is there some option I can add to the Mencoder or Mythtranscode commands to
get them past this?


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