[mythtv-users] Storage space question

Ismo Tanskanen ismot at telemail.fi
Mon Jan 21 16:29:58 UTC 2008

On 1/20/2008 at 11:37 AM John Drescher wrote:

>  >
>  > And tell Myth to use each one for recordings and Myth will take care of
>  > the rest. No LVM taking itself down when one drives goes and no losing
>  disk
>  > to RAID redundancy.
>  >
>  This is the best and simplest option. I have been using this for a very
>  long
>  time (I believe more than 1 year) and it has never failed me.
>  John

I switched from just using a bunch of drives to a RAID 5 array in 
November. In December, just after I left for 2 weeks out-of-town over 
Christmas, one of the drives in my RAID array crashed. The array itself 
stayed up, with no loss of data, until I got back to town two weeks 
later and was able to replace the drive. 8 hours later, the new drive 
was completely synched and the array was again protected from a drive 
failure. I am sold on RAID 5, and consider the loss of use of one drive 
in the array to be a worthwhile trade-off.


Thanks for answers. As i said, I don't need space for recordings, only 
for media (pictures, avis, mp3:s etc). My recordings are on separate 
disk, and I don't care loosing them if disk crashes.

As everybody says, there seems to be no  other way than LVM or Raid. I 
decided to go with Raid5. This was also my original plan, but after 
building an array, I did some testing with bad results;

- I plugged one sata disk off when array was running. It behavied 
correctly since I rebooted, simulating disk change. After that I could 
not activate array anymore, I couldnot remove "broken" disk and couldnot 
add new disk. So I lost array contents.

After that I built new array, with --force, (I noticed, that mdadm 
creates one failed device as default) and now I hope I can make test and 
recover succesfully. I'll test it again tonight...


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