[mythtv-users] Which NVidia card (or not NVidia?)

Marius Schrecker marius at schrecker.org
Mon Jan 21 13:43:12 UTC 2008

xvmc, etc:
>> 1. Is it correct that the 7000 series does XvMc without problems?
>> 2. I can still get hold of a 6200TC, but this has only 64 MB Ram. Is
>> this
>> sufficient?
>> 3. Will the 7300 GS produce much more heat than a 6200TC? Could I
>> underclock to compensate?
>> 4. Other recommendations????
> Forget about XvMC. It's a relic of a past era where our poor struggling
> sub-2G single core cpus _needed_ some graphics processing to be offloaded
> in
> order to survive. So, the poor little graphics card endured constantly
> cooking up a storm doing XvMC, and without even a fan to cool its brow.
> Now, I believe you're better off letting a nice little dual core do the
> hard work. It's better equipped to deal with the heat output too.
> Worst of all, XvMC comes with some tedious artifacts. You don't get
> anything
> for free. My suggestion is have the graphics card do no more than it has
> to,
> and provide the necessary grunt via cpu instead. I have a 6200 and a 7300
> (two systems), and I really can't pick between them. They're both
> excellent as
> long as I don't try to include XvMC in the mix.
> Cheers.

Thanks! That's very promising.

So, based on that, would you still stick with NVidia (I've had it with
ATI, but there's INTEL, and they're talking about vaapi).

If there's no difference in the heat output between a 6200 and a 7300,
then the 7300 will probably be better, as it gives me a bit more headroom.
I'm also a bit limited in terms of power, as I'm using an external fanless
supply, but guess the difference won't be that great.



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