[mythtv-users] Intel and XvMC

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Jan 21 06:09:41 UTC 2008

Edward Hughes IV wrote:
> Hello Geoff (I believe this is the same Geoff that was helping me on
> the Xorg list),
> After sorting out some other confusions, I managed to get my build
> going, but I am running into a similar problem as you.  I am missing
> x-list.c.  My build is stopping at  .../xserver/GL/apple.
> I'm stumped as well, and waiting on a response from the other list
> members at Xorg.
> Wish I could help, and I'll be interested to know if you ever this going.

Yes, that was me...I....not some other guy!

If you are using the git-xorg.sh or build scripts, the way I sped things 
up, and bypassed some errors was to comment out the offending folder 
from the update list, and delete the folder..
And then comment it out of the build script. Each section lists the 
sub-folders in build order, and eventually calls each build subsection 
routine. So it is easy to skip a sub-folder.

When I run 'git pull' the bad one does not get pulled, and it does not 
get built, because it is not listed to be built.


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