[mythtv-users] ivtv and v4l2-ctl

Terry Hull tah at nrg-inc.com
Sun Jan 20 22:41:12 UTC 2008

I am running Mythtv 0.20.2 with ivtv 1.0.3-r1 on a Gentoo machine with a
2.6.22 kernel.  I am using a PVR-350 with a LG tuner on it, and am
having pretty good success with the exception of a herring bone patter
on some channels and a picture that is also somewhat "grainy."  Both of
these problems vary across the channels, but the worst channels for the
herringbone problem are the low channels (those below 10).  In any case,
I was doing some looking and it appeared that some people were using the
special_filter and temporal_filter options on the Hauppauge card to
minimize the problem.  I have run the temporal_filter parameter from 0
to 31 with the temporal_filter_mode set at both 0 and 1 and it seems to
make no difference in the picture.  I have tried similar things with the
spatial_filter.  Is there something that has to be done to turn on these
filters?  The settings that I change are visible with the v4l2-ctl -l
command, they just do not seem to change the picture any.  


BTW:  I also tried a isolation transformer to try and get rid of the
interference pattern, and that did not help at all.  I've also ordered a
cable amplifier to see if that helps either of these problems.
Unfortunately, I do not have another Hauppauge card to make certain it
is not just the card.  



Terry Hull - President

Network Resource Group, Inc.


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