[mythtv-users] A Couple of Issues....

Nathan A. Smith nasa01 at comcast.net
Sun Jan 20 20:00:06 UTC 2008


I am running mythtv from SVN trunk and I have the following issues I am
trying to troubleshoot.

1. I can't add new file types.  When I go into the screen where file
types are defined I select the option to create a new extension, I add
in the info (except for the command which I can't select), and hit done.
When I come back in the new file type is gone.  BTW: should .mkv be in
there by default?

2. Some Videos, some/most of the time will start playing with the actual
video not being displayed (instead it's the background image) and sound
is playing.  I can't send any commands to either the movie/video or to
myth -- either I wait for it to complete or I do a ctrl-alt-backspace.
This doesn't happen every time -- sometimes the movie/video plays as

3. The fonts in the weather screen for 6 day forecast (or anything with
the 6 panels) are messed up.  This is true regardless of what theme I

4. Scanning through channels to see what is on, isn't really usable --
The OSD screen ranges from sort of quick to downright SLOW to display a
new channels information.  I haven't changed channels, just trying to
view info on what's on the different screens.

I'm guessing I have something messed up -- I hope someone can give me
some ideas of where I need to examine things.  

BTW: my setup info is here:  http://mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/User:Nasa



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