[mythtv-users] Storage space question

Ismo Tanskanen ismot at telemail.fi
Sun Jan 20 09:38:58 UTC 2008

I have four 750Gb disks in my backend server.

I'm wondering, how to set them up. I want them as media storage, not for 
recordings. I have one separate big disk for recordings.
My goal is to have one, big consistent space, 3TB if possible.

I could go with LVM, but how it handles disk error? I don't really need 
RAID safety, but I think that in LVM, if one disk fails, I lose whole 
filesystem. That does not sound good.

Is any filesystem capable of join disk spaces together, but still keep 
them "separately", that if one disk fails, other three still retains 
data they hold?

Of cource I could mount disks separately under medias-folder, but it not 
flexible enough since I have lot of folders there.


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