[mythtv-users] Poor image from PVR-150

C. R. Oldham cro at ncbt.org
Sun Jan 20 04:56:08 UTC 2008


I have a MythTV setup running 0.20.2 with two PVR-150 tuner cards in  
it.  I recently switched from OTA analog to Qwest's VDSL service and  
figured out how to get three streams of video out of the cable box,  
and this was the first time I really had used the second tuner card.   
Tonight I realized that the image from my first card (/dev/video0) is  
fine, but the image from the second card (/dev/video1) is very noisy  
and the colors are extremely distorted.  The image is the same whether  
it is from the actual tuner on any channel (the Qwest box provides a  
stream on channels 6, 7, and 13), or from the composite in on the card  
(my cable box provides composite out, and I also hooked up my old  
VCR).  Should I assume something has gone wrong with the card itself,  
or is there some tuning parameter somewhere I should mess with before  
giving up on it?

Thanks in advance for help.


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