[mythtv-users] Greater Toronto Area and Schedules Direct Digital listings

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Sun Jan 20 03:00:37 UTC 2008

Craig Treleaven wrote:
> At 3:48 PM -0500 1/19/08, Colin McGregor wrote:
>> Okay, here is a list of the local digital stations
>> that I can get with an attic mounted antenna (I plan
>> to move the antenna outdoors once the weather gets a
>> bit warmer which will likely mean a few additional
>> digital channels, but this makes for a great start :-)
>> ).
>> 2_1 WGRZ-DT
>> 2_2 WGRZ-SD
>> 4_1 WIVB-HD
>> 5_1 CBLT-DT
>> 7_1 WKBW-HD
>> 7_2 WNGS
>> 7_3 WCSN
>> 9_1 CFTO HD
>> 23_1 WNLO-HD
>> 25_1 CBLFT-D
>> 29_1 WUTV-HD
>> 29_2 WUTV-SD
>> 42_1 WNED-HD
>> 42_2 WNED-SD
>> 42_3 WNED-Th
>> 57_1 CITYHD
>> 66#0 CKXT-DT
> WNED should be 43.x
> Should list 49.x WNYO
> CFMT and CJMT are both expected to come on the air soon, 44.x and 47.x respectively.

Unfortunately, the numbers which the broadcasters use, are their old 
analog numbers.,,and they don't match the local cable lineup numbers 
either!..And some of them do not exist (yet).
The following numbers are the actual OTA channel numbers which you would 
use with your TV tuner. You can put the number into your channel table 
in the freqid field, but tuning will be by the mplexid and serviceid 

WGRZ is not actually on 2..I don't get it well enough to have bothered 
to include it...I don't remember the number...I too need to get the 
antenna out of the attic!
WIVB is on 39
CBLT is on 20
CBLFT calls itself 25.1 but broadcasts on 24
WKBW is on 38
CFTO is on 40
WNLO is on 32
WNED *is* on 43
WUTV is on 14,and
CITY-HD is actually broadcast on 53

CTS-HD calls itself 36.1 but broadcasts on channel 35
CKXT appears to be just a broadcast carrier...I have never had a signal 
on 66.
I have not been able to get WNYO either.

CITY-HD is not listed by TMS (and thus not by SchedulesDirect). Use the 
SD channel 9 xmltv id. When there is HD on, it is a simulcast of the SD 
feed. NOT on all the time, so do not rely on it for all programs.

Channel 7.3 WCSN (World Championship Sports Network) does not appear to 
exist...except on-air! Seems to be an ESPN clone. Good picture and 
interesting sports shows. But no scheduling info anywhere.


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