[mythtv-users] Additional backend not showing in Machine information in mythweb

Marc drayson at net1plus.com
Sat Jan 19 13:30:45 UTC 2008

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> * On Sat Jan 19, 2008 at 12:45:11AM -0500, Marc wrote:
> > Why does the new machine not show in the machine information disk
> list? Is
> > it because there is no card in the new machine?
> Yes.  Right now, the list that is passed around and looped through in
> places
> like this part of the code is the encoder list.  It isn't a list of all
> backends, it is actually a list of all encoders.  This same list is
> used to
> build the encoder list at the top of the status webpage.  The encoder
> list
> has pointers to sockets that connect to the other backends, so Myth
> loops
> through the list and sends commands to query disk space to the other
> backends in the list.  This list is passed around in lots of places and
> doesn't change, it is instantiated when the master backend starts and
> contains entries for all encoders whether their particular backend is
> connected or not.  In order for us to look at all _connected_ backends
> whether they have tuners or not, we would have to use another list that
> is
> currently kept internally in Myth's MainServer class.  This is the list
> of all open connections to the backend and this list is subject to
> change as machines come up/down.  This is one of the reasons that we
> say
> that running a tunerless backend is an unsupported configuration.  It's
> not just the status webpage that is missing this disk space info, I
> think
> you'll notice that it is also missing from the internal status page in
> mythfrontend along with the disk space information on the Delete
> Recordings page in mythfrontend.  These all use the same code that uses
> the encoder list to query the different backends for their disk space
> stats.
> Long story short, you're correct and there's no plans to change it
> right now.  Easy way around this is to do as the other poster suggested
> and drop the slave backend and just mount that storage on the master
> via NFS and let the master record directly to the new filesystem.
> --
> Chris

The thing is that this machine is not always going to be on. It is too much
of a power hog, and loud as hell.
http://www.aicipc.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ref=RSC-3ED2-2 I picked it up as a
barebones system. No drives yet, thinking of 16 250's, 320's, or 500's, if I
can afford it. Obviously not all at once lol.

My plan is to archive older shows to it for storage until such time as it
has been watched by everyone who might be interested in it. My fiancée will
soon be here and I have some new shows that she might be interested in
taking up space. I also have a friend who comes over on occasion who likes
some of the shows to but never watches TV at home, with the exception of
sporting events. So far I have several of my favorite new shows on the
master backend taking up about 70% of my total storeage. I have a single pvr
350 in the slave/frontend for watching live TV without streaming. Most of
the HDD in that machine is media for mythvideo or mythmusic.

I'm thinking of making a script to copy the media to the storage folder on
the archive system and automatically updating the database as to the new
location. Not sure how hard it will be yet.

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