[mythtv-users] Additional backend not showing in Machine information in mythweb

Marc drayson at net1plus.com
Sat Jan 19 05:45:11 UTC 2008

My existing setup I have 2 machines.

1 is a master backend with 5 capture devices in it.

1 is a slave backend with 1 capture device in it. This is also my frontend

Backend status in mythweb says the following.

Machine information

Disk Usage:

*	MythTV Drive #1: 

*	Directory: niflheim:/record 
*	Total Space: 858,368 MB 
*	Space Used: 618,065 MB 
*	Space Free: 240,302 MB 

*	MythTV Drive #2: 

*	Directory: asgard:/media 
*	Total Space: 227,473 MB 
*	Space Used: 202,449 MB 
*	Space Free: 25,024 MB 

*	Total Disk Space: 

*	Total Space: 1,085,842 MB 
*	Space Used: 820,515 MB 
*	Space Free: 265,327 MB 

As you can see I'm running out of room so I built an additional machine that
will serve as more storage space.

This new machine does not have any cards in it but exists solely as
additional storeage. I will transfer video to the new machine by hand and
update the database to point to the new location.

It is connected to my existing network, connected to my master backend and
the mysql db. It does not show up in Machine information in mythweb.

I moved a single mpg file from niflheim:/record to the new machine.

I then updated the table in mysql to know that the media is no longer on
niflheim but is instead now on mediastore.

I then delete the mog file from niflheim. I go into my frontend and am
successful in playing the show. Disconnecting the mediastore network cable
causes playback to stop.

Success, or so I think.


I go back into mythweb to media information and I still only see drive 1 and
drive 2. The new drive that is a part of the mediastore is not showing in
the information section. Total space remains as approx 1 TB when the new
drives I added in the new machine pushes me to about 1.5 TB.


Why does the new machine not show in the machine information disk list? Is
it because there is no card in the new machine?



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