[mythtv-users] digital vs analog stations

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Fri Jan 18 23:01:22 UTC 2008

jedi at mishnet.org wrote:
> Short of trying to record the exact same show at the exact same time
> on two tuners at a time, I can't imagine this being a problem. Keep
> in mind that this is the same problem that would occur if you had
> 2 identical type tuners.
> Something has to manage that.
> Stuff is going to get sorted out by priority and then assigned to
> available tuners. It shouldn't matter if the guide data sources
> are the same, or if the tuner types are the same.
> MythTV already has to sort out conflicting priorities when just
> managing a single tuner and a single guide data source. It has
> to "do something".
I think that you have the wrong idea about this. It's not two side-by-side 
tuners, think of it as one tuner that can operate in two different modes. Now, 
how do you record two *different* programs, one on each mode?

Mike Perkins

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