[mythtv-users] digital vs analog stations

jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Fri Jan 18 20:45:23 UTC 2008

> Was wondering if someone could give me a hint.
> I just got my Pinnacle 800i card working with MythTv.
> If I configure it to MythTV using the /dev/video0 device and scan stations
> I
> get my cable providers analog stations only.
> If I configure it with the /dev/dvb/adapter0 device and scan for stations
> using terristrial or QAM-256 I get my providers unencrypted digital
> stations.
> Is there a way to get both sets of stations?  Itr seems inadvisable to
> leave
> both defined to MythTV because I am sure bad things would happen if the
> scheduler tried to use them both at the same time.

Why would that be a problem?

    If you have different versions of the same channel,
then MythTV will "just pick one" when something
appropriate happens to come on. If you have some reason
to favor one input over the other then you can set an
input level priority, a channel level priority or just
mark certain channels as not visible.

     I use this approach to record local content that
is rebroadcast via DirecTV either off of dtv or OTA
depending on how good my OTA signal for a particular
channel is.

> Any input greatly appreciated.

    Just connect them both, get both running and
recording and then tweak the various priority
rules until you get the desired results.

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