[mythtv-users] 2 second delay on video (and is there a way to get rid of it?)

James Paige jamesp at westcoastaerospace.com
Fri Jan 18 15:34:55 UTC 2008

Michael Heironimus wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 17, 2008 at 03:41:23PM -0800, James Paige wrote:
>> Dang it, why is this so hard? Dick Tracy could do two-way real time 
>> video in 1964! ;)
> If Dick Tracy had tried talking in to his shoe instead of his watch it
> might not have worked so well. His shoe would not have been the right
> tool for the job (unless he borrowed it from Maxwell Smart).

*laugh* good analogy.

> Similarly, MythTV is probably not the right tool for the job you're
> trying to do. The PVR-350 is probably also not the right tool for this
> particular job. If you need real-time video you'll probably be better
> off with some other app and a plain framebuffer card.

That is good to know. I had (perhaps mistakenly) assumed that making the 
capture hardware do the encoding would reduce the overhead, rather than 
increase it.

Any recommendations on a good plain framebuffer card?

James Paige
West Coast Aerospace, Inc.

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