[mythtv-users] * Please help -- can't schedule recordings (but can record with R, can view guide)

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Fri Jan 18 05:05:19 UTC 2008

dataclue wrote:
>>> Please help. Cannot get anything scheduled from
> the
>>> program guide although recording the current
> program
>>> works from within live TV and shows correct
> program
>>> information. There are no error messages displayed
>>> but
>>> it always says "not recording" and "preview of
>>> schedule changes" alawys says: "no changes will be
>>> made". Also, it appears that schedulign the show
>>> does
>>> something -- I can run "mythbackend --testsched"
> and
>>> get output of my attempted schedules. But
>>> "mythbackend
>>> -- printsched" doesn't do anything.
>> Maybe it's a permissions issue with your recordings
>> directory.
> David, thank you for your suggestion. I suppose it's
> possible, but I'm running both mythbackend &
> mythfrontned as root, and also it is possible record
> using "R" just fine, it's only the scheduling that
> doesn't work. Do scheduled recordings and recordings
> initiated from live TV use different directories or
> permissions? are there processes that are spawned
> under different UIDs than 'root' that may have
> permission problems?

Recordings are put where you direct them to go. Mythfrontend runs as 
user 'mythtv' even if you are running as root. Mysql 'owns' the 
scheduling process and must have permission to write to the directory it 
uses for temporary files...which may be /tmp or a folder under it, 
depending on /etc/my.cnf. And the result is much like you describe, 
except that there are no listings added to the program guide, as 
mythfilldatabase fails. and you have not described whether that is or is 
not happening.


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