[mythtv-users] 2 second delay on video (and is there a way to get rid of it?)

James Paige jamesp at westcoastaerospace.com
Thu Jan 17 23:41:23 UTC 2008

Nick Morrott wrote:
> On 17/01/2008, James Paige <jamesp at westcoastaerospace.com> wrote:
>> I do understand that zero-delay is impossible, I just need the delay to
>> be shorter. I know the people who will be using this system, and I know
>> they will *not* accept a delay that big :(
> Have you already ruled out using a more suitable solution like a
> videophone or IP cam with audio input, which will sync things up much
> better?

I was experimenting with ekiga, but it had a delay of approximately 3 
seconds, which is even worse than mythtv's (in spite of the fact that 
the resolution is /tiny/ and the framerate is /terrible/)

Also ekiga's fullscreen ... isn't

But I could be happy with a videophone or IP cam if I could just find 
one that actually worked adequately.

> Will you be recording from the camera 24/7 even if no-one is on the
> phone? If you are not, I don't think using MythTV's core recording
> functionality is the best solution for your project. As Brad
> suggested, using ZoneMinder - perhaps with an audio-supported IP
> camera, will likely give you the best overall result if you want to
> use MythTV.

I haven't tried zoneminder yet, but I was just reading their wiki, and 
the web-browser interface fills me with trepidation.

> Will you be keeping the recordings of all calls?

probably not.

>> 1 second would be adequate
>> 0.5 seconds would make me dance with joy.
> When you see what a 0.5s delay looks like, I doubt you'll be dancing
> with joy. I find a small disparity in sync much worse than a larger,
> more obvious difference.

Alright, maybe it will be a brief dance of a small amount of joy, but 
I'll dance anyway.

Dang it, why is this so hard? Dick Tracy could do two-way real time 
video in 1964! ;)

James Paige
West Coast Aerospace, Inc.

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