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Thu Jan 17 20:40:16 UTC 2008

"Should I then run ./configure in that directory or should I make a temp
copy of the source and compile that?"

yes, you would have to run make in that directory since that is where the
make file resides. You may make a backup of what you just downloaded with
SVN for future use

"And what happens when a new rev is released—is there a special command to
simply update the changes in /usr/src/mythtv?"

Like Chris W. said, you would then have to 'make uninstall' the version
you've installed then 'make clean' then 'configure',  make and then 'make

I'm just a dumb noob myself so I make no claims but in layman terms from my

SVN is a state in which the source code is tagged with a version number,
it's a living thing, patches are applied and the version numbers change so
certain source code changes are associated with certain version numbers.

To download from SVN you would issue the command at the command line:
*svn*co http://
*svn*.*mythtv*.org/*svn*/trunk/*mythtv, **svn* co http://*svn*.*mythtv*.org/
*svn*/trunk/*mythplugins, **svn* co http://*svn*.*mythtv*.org/*svn*/trunk/*
This would download MythTV 'Trunk' at the latest version number or you could
download a certain version number with "co -r" e.g. *svn* co -r 13456

Then you configure the options using ./configure after which you then run
'make' followed by 'make install'

Once you do it a couple of times it becomes a no brainer...

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