[mythtv-users] UDEV rules for tuner numbering consistency

Brian Jameson tech at jameson.co.uk
Thu Jan 17 14:18:52 UTC 2008

My Fedora 8, kernel running version 0.20.2-171 of MythTV has
a Nova T 500 twin tuner and a Nova S tuner card in it. So all DVB based.
Like other users on this list I have suffered from the tuner cards changing
their numbering/identification depending on cold starts/re-boots and now
software updates. After much googling, reading and trying my hand at
creating some UDEV rules I have totally failed to make any progress in
creating a rule that does anything, let alone making symlinks of a
consistent nature to remove/bypass the start up naming/numbering issue,
which seems to be the way around the problem.

Can someone point me to some simple clear documentation on how to do this,
or better still examples I can plug into my 95-local.rules. Also some
guidance on testing these rules would be a real help.


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