[mythtv-users] Intel and XvMC

Edward Hughes IV echughesiv at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 05:25:03 UTC 2008


I've been doing some research on Intel graphics adapters and have been
stumped on XvMC driver support.  Several sources indicate that most Intel
hardware supports MC, and some newer chpsets even support iDCT and VLD, but
I can't seem to find any definite answers on driver support (for either
xf86-video-i810 or xf86-video-intel).  I know that there is an xvmc branch
of the Intel driver being worked on currently, but does anyone know for sure
what chipsets are supported at the moment by either driver?

I only ask because I feel that the MythTV wiki is a bit unclear, and I would
like to see this changed if need be.


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