[mythtv-users] 0.21

Andy Burns fedora at adslpipe.co.uk
Thu Jan 17 00:36:15 UTC 2008

On 16/01/2008 23:08, Andy Burns wrote:

> I've just taken the chance 
> and leapt from stable to bleeding to try it out, so far so good database 
> schema applied and backend restarted, just about to remove my tuners, 
> add them back and rescan ...

Added back my twin tuners with two concurrent streams per mux for now, 
may try more later, was able to record BBC2/BBCTHREE/ITV1/CH4 concurrently.

It downloaded most channel icons for me

Colour settings had been reset so my hue went to 0%, therefore all 
colours were inverted (red sky, blue faces and green lips) so needed to 
change that back to 50%

Had to reselect my interlace settings with the new CPU+/CPU++/CPU-- 
playback settings.

Also seems that channel Five/FiveLife/FiveUS might no longer cause 
backend crash problems which they have for several months for me.

The "half" zoom mode is good for channels that broadcast in 14:9 
pillarboxed in 4:3 frame, though this zoom isn't cancelled when you 
switch channels to a normal 16:9 channel, this alos messes up BBCi layout.

BBC news multiscreen killed frontend reliably, also looks like 
interlacing might be clashing with other MHEG overlays to produce fringing,

Overall this version is *very* positive for me, considering 0.21 is 
still several weeks away :-)

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