[mythtv-users] Considering MythTV: Some very basic questions

Gene Horodecki geneh at shaw.ca
Wed Jan 16 22:12:45 UTC 2008

Hi there.  I currently have Freevo installed on my laptop and have it set up so it connects to my media shares and starts the app when it detects an s-video connection on boot.  My problem is that I have tried and failed to get Freevo to work with my presentation mouse, which is what I planed to use because I have it already and don't need to buy another remote.  I don't want to use my setup for a TV feed at all.  I have the following requirements:
- Controllable via a multimedia presentation mouse
- Show xvid from a samba share, menus to navigate contents
- Show slide shows from an image share, menus to navigate
- Play music through a share, menus to navigate

Could someone please tell me if MythTV would fit the bill for me?

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