[mythtv-users] Can myth DVD output 7.1 audio?

Chuck Needham thatguy at 2bitstudio.com
Wed Jan 16 14:55:52 UTC 2008

I've been watching closely...

I've got a 12 year old JVC 5.1 surround receiver/amp...

it has both optical and coaxial digital audio inputs. I run the audio 
from my DVD/VhS combo player thru the optical (for the DVD side) and the 
analog for the VHS side.

I also have a Soundblaster 24 bit external hooked up to the PC that I 
will be replacing with a MythTV box for my CD jukebox, connected thru 
the coaxial digital imput on the receiver.

Playing a DVD thru the otical, I get auto-sensing as to the audio method 
used. The VHS thru the analog gets me DTS, or Dolby if I select it on 
the receiver... but no sub-woofer feed (5.0 surround).

Playing 2 channel audio from the PC/coaxial only gets me 2 channel, up 
mixed to 5.0 (sans subwoofer), unless I select 'surround off' or 'all 
channel stereo' on the receiver... which then up mixes to 2.1 or 5.1 
respectively. The main speaker frequency range from the receiver cuts 
off the low frequency range, so I do not get full range audio sent to my 
main speakers. The sub woofer is not sent anything unless there is a 
discreet sub-woofer signal, except for the two cases sited.

I'm hoping that Myth will upmix my 2 channel audio over the digital coax 
to 5.1 (with content for the subwoofer) to get around having to set 
specific functions for each source (CD/Video/TV, etc) I would select 
from the myth box, as I do now with each attached device. And when I 
upgrade to 7.1 later, I want it to play equally nice.

Do I have any hope?


> I suppose it depends on what you consider a nice box, because every
> audophiles standards are different, but I've been extremely happy with
> my Onkyo TX-SR503 that I got on sale for around $250 at Circuit City.
> Just wanted to through that out to since $250 is probably closer to
> the affordable range for a lot of people that would balk at a $900
> receiver!  It has three digital inputs so it easily handles my HTPC,
> my digital cable box, and my DVD player without balking, and has some
> fun features in the area of "faux" surround sound that work
> surprisingly well  (actually I thought I was listening to a digital
> feed last night on "Terminator: Sarablahblah" when actually it was
> just the stereo sound extrapolated to surround sound by the receiver.
> Ry
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