[mythtv-users] Can myth DVD output 7.1 audio?

Ryan Steffes rbsteffes at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 14:19:31 UTC 2008

> Thanks for the explanation and the link above. A lot of information.I
> spent my launch break reading the posts.
> So what is the best solution at the moment when we ignore the costs. I
> also thought as you that s/pdif is the best solution if someone has
> the amp/reciever with 5-6 speakers.

Speaking as a non-expert, I have a hard time believing that any sound
card currently on the market is going to mix as well as dumping
digital straight to a quality receiver.

> I considered buying an receiver/amp and I found a few weeks ago a few
> really nice boxes for $600-900.  My problem during the search was that
> I have no experience with amp/receivers. My first and last amplifier
> was bought in 80s :). Which one are you planning to get?

I suppose it depends on what you consider a nice box, because every
audophiles standards are different, but I've been extremely happy with
my Onkyo TX-SR503 that I got on sale for around $250 at Circuit City.
Just wanted to through that out to since $250 is probably closer to
the affordable range for a lot of people that would balk at a $900
receiver!  It has three digital inputs so it easily handles my HTPC,
my digital cable box, and my DVD player without balking, and has some
fun features in the area of "faux" surround sound that work
surprisingly well  (actually I thought I was listening to a digital
feed last night on "Terminator: Sarablahblah" when actually it was
just the stereo sound extrapolated to surround sound by the receiver.


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