[mythtv-users] Disk Space UI

Johan Venter mythtv at vulturest.com
Wed Jan 16 03:02:36 UTC 2008

Bryan Murphy wrote:
> That's an interesting idea, unfortunately it mythnotify chokes on my
> system.  When I send a message to the screen and it's playing a HD
> video, the screen freezes until the message is done.  So much for that
> idea. :)
> Seriously though, a big red bar across the top of the screen... YOU
> ARE ALMOST OUT OF SPACE! would go a long way imho.

You are never going to get this off the ground with the devs, however 
there are alternatives.

Look for WifeyPopup in the mailing list archives as it could be used as 
the basis for what you want to do (I think it's written in Ruby, but is 
so small you could port it to anything).

Alternatively, there are literally hundreds of Linux apps created 
specifically for monitoring things like disk space (even the recently 
released mythtv-status script sends me an email when my disk space is low).

With a cron and a little bit of scripting goodness you could create 
anything to do anything that pops up over anything :)

Good luck.


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